Saturday, April 2, 2011

March 27-April 2 This Week in Sue

3/28 Perennial Author Bruce R. Cordell kicks off our new series on Writing Insight
        Back in Time Review: Cutthroat Island on TTGSiMH
3/30 Blooming Author Thomas Drinkard on Writing Insight
4/1   Impractical Magic: City Council Requires Licensing of Fortune Tellers on The Arcane Hour
        5e D&D: What About the Children on TTGSiMH
        Sue Gets Around (states I've lived in and visited) on TTGSiMH
        My New Life as a Blogger and Book Reviewer on by Sue London
        Don't Miss the Immortal Blog Tour on TTGSiMH
        Fresh Voice Debora Silkotch on Writing Insight
        Lights! Camera! Action! on by Sue London
        A is for Alternate Realities on by Sue London
        A is for Abracadabra on The Arcane Hour
4/2   The April A to Z Blog Challenge on by Sue London
        Start Raining on My Parade (Goal Achievement Strategies) on TTGSiMH
        Back in Time A to Z: Aliens (1986) on TTGSiMH
        Back in Time A to Z: Below (2002) on TTGSiMH
        B is for Banana Splits on by Sue London
        B is for Bigfoot on The Arcane Hour

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